Recruiting success

I am happy to say that we’ve got about all of the kayaks we can manage for the time being. There are a couple of new volunteers still in the process of signing up, but the lake manager has asked me to limit it to the current number of boats, so I will not be needing any more volunteers. Every organization experiences attrition, so we may be in need of more help next spring.

The group of volunteers we have managed to recruit are really awesome. I was expecting a lot of people who just wanted more access to the lake for their kayaking. What we’ve got is 15 people whose highest priority is the birds, though most are also very happy to be using their kayaks to work from. With so many people, the lake is remaining very clean and we are able to keep up with newly deposited fishing line in a much more timely manner than we could earlier in the year.

So thank you to all of our new volunteers!