It’s been a long year

The city of San Diego has announced that they will be re-opening Lake Hodges to the public on 5/31/23. Just a couple of weeks over a year after it was closed for emergency dam repairs.

The lake level will remain low (280′) and so trailer boats cannot launch from the ramp. Water contact sports (SUPs, windsurfing, etc) will not be permitted until the water quality improves. The runoff from so many houses and farms takes its toll on water quality. But kayaking and canoeing will be permitted.

And we have been called back to our cleanup activities. We can go out starting on Monday, 5/22 in order to get caught up after the closure. Hopefully the shoreline will look all nice and clean when everyone else shows up for fishing and picnicking. Many people will trash a place that has already been compromised, but will clean up after themselves if the area was clean when they got there. So I’ll be out there first thing on Monday, evaluating the task ahead of us and, of course, picking up fishing line!

You can read more about the re-opening on a couple of Nextdoor postings: