The season changes this Week…

Lake Hodges – our local lake – opens for fishing this week. We have spent the winter scouring the shoreline and getting the lake as cleaned up as we possibly can. But it’s time to go back to the more urgent work of collecting the newly lost fishing line before birds can get caught in it.

We have a small, but dedicated group of volunteers, but there are miles of shoreline and keeping up with all of the fresh line is a challenge. If anyone is interested in helping, please read the Volunteers Needed and the About pages and then Contact me to get started.

Balloons – they just keep getting worse

Here is a video taken by Carolyn, one of our volunteers. This large bunch of balloons were found along the shoreline of Lake Hodges. Half of them were full of mylar confetti. Why in the world they do that, I don’t know. You can’t see the confetti until the balloon pops. That’s basically deliberate littering. The confetti is very hard to pick up out of the water. And it shimmers and glitters just like little fish, making it very tempting to aquatic birds to try and eat. That would probably be certain death.

Please don’t buy balloons. They kill birds. Yes, they are festive and fun, but how festive do you think it is to die from entanglement in the strings; how fun is it to starve because you ate the balloon or sequins?