Links to info on fishing line and other entanglement hazards.

Links to articles about wildlife entanglement in fishing line and other objects. And links to complementary programs to ours. Post your links here.
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Links to info on fishing line and other entanglement hazards.

Post by PaddleBear » Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:18 am

Many government and environmental organizations are taking note of the wildlife entanglement problem and are publishing a lot of information about it.

If you find such information in your surfing, please post links here. While our organization was founded at a lake in southern California, the problem is everywhere and it varies from place to place. The more we can learn, the more we can adapt our information to be useful everywhere.

Feel free to reply to this or to create your own postings. I'll try and keep a list in this pinned posting.

The list:
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - Here's an example of what I'm talking about. No manatees in southern CA and their problems are much different than ours. Remember, we are a hands-on preventative activity. We can't go rescuing manatees, but we can remove many of the hazards from their environment and watch for animals in trouble then call for help.
--Brian Godfrey
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