How do you transport your boat to/from the water?

How do you get your boat to and from the water? Carriers, racks, trailers, vehicles, etc.
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How do you transport your boat to/from the water?

Post by PaddleBear » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:18 am

This is one that I cannot tackle by myself. I can tell what I do, but there are just too many ways to transport a boat and I only have direct experience with my own. Here's what I do. Please post what you do so all of us can benefit by it.

I have a pickup with a canopy on the back. This would be similar to a SUV, I suppose. I have Yakima racks on the canopy. The old round ones. I have two of those pull-out bars, both on the passenger side. To put the boat up, I:
  • Pull the rear bar out all the way and the front bar out a few inches.
  • Lift the stern of the boat up and put it onto the rear pull-out bar.
  • Grab the boat by the handles and flip it upside down.
  • lift the bow up and place it on the front pull-out bar.
  • Move stern and then bow fully onto the racks and slide in the pull-out bars.
  • Strap it down with locking tie-downs, one on each of the racks.
--Brian Godfrey
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